Assembly, Sub-Assembly, & Kitting Services

Unlimited Industries Inc. can support a variety of kitting and subassembly services allowing customers to focus on core business activities. These value added services help reduce production costs and adds value to the customer supply chain. Kitting and subassembly allows customers to meet their lean manufacturing objectives by providing seamless delivery and execution typically at a lower cost than if performed in their facility. Our kitting capability ensures customers receive specified components in pre-counted and pre-labeled packages. Subassembly capabilities allow your business to offload BOM management and purchase a complete assembly ready to use at your line or move on to your customer.

Customers using our kitting and subassembly services benefit from the following:

Decreased Purchasing Activity

Placing one order for one part number, rather than multiple parts, means less time spent managing orders.

Reduced Supplier Count

Kitting will assist in vendor base consolidation efforts and help with streamlining of your businesses supply chain activities.

Increased Productivity

Letting us research and supply material reduces your non-productive time wasted looking for material etc.

Reduced Paperwork

One order for one part also means reduced costly time required for procurement, receiving, and accounting activities.